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Your Vehicle, Built to your Custom Requirements

Custom Vans, Custom Sprinters, Custom Avalanches, Custom Pick Ups, Custom Mobile Business Offices, Custom Haulers for your fifth Wheel, Custom Cargo Vans, Custom Tour Sprinters built to your unique application, We offer the most complete line of Custom Vehicles available to anyone direct from the manufacturer We have of 30 years of experience in the design and production of Custom Vehicles

312 618 7208

All Conversions Are available on the Chassis shown above.

Specifications and prices may vary some because of the difference in the base Chassis

Available on GMC, Chevrolet, Ford, Sprinter, and Nissan

Seats 7 or 9 Passenger Configuration depending on base Vehicle

Largest Storage Area in any Passenger Van

20" Monitor with DVD

Individual Power Outlets for computers, Smart phones, games

Individual Power Outlets and Overhead Storage all Passenger Compartment Seating

Both Storage Trays pull out for easy loading and unloading up to 500# capacity on each tray


Ground Effects, 20" Chrome Wheels Std
Electra Leather, Heated Seats [2] Std
Phantom II Leather, Heated Seats [2] Std
17" Monitor, DVD Std
Removable Rear Security Shelf Std
In Dash GPS Navigation Optional
Graphics & Wheels Optional
Cord Vinyl Seats Black & Tan
Cord Vinyl Seats Neutral and Graphite
Cord Seat, Sofa Gray Cloth
Driver compartment Cord Cloth
Interior Prewired for Monitor/DVD
Interior & Wood Trim Upgrade includes Dash Trim
Custom I fold Sofa Vinyl Std
Trim and Console Std
Custom Interior Trim Std
Surround Sound Optional
20 or 26" Monitor with Sport Roof Optional
Sun Roof Low Top Only and Back Up Camera Optional

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